Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What to Blog About?

What keeps us from blogging? For me, there are two things or maybe three. The number one reason - I like to call it blogger’s block. Does anyone else suffer from bloggers block? Are my blog topics interesting or useful to my followers? What to blog about???
What is a blog? A blog can be a personal diary, how to information or it is really anything you want to put out there (the web). The possibilities are virtually limitless. Check out the Blogger Tour has to say about blogs.
Then it hit me…take the “lo” out of blog and replace it with “ra” and what do you have? That’s right, “Brag”. All I really have to do is brag or tell about all of the interesting things we at WGS are doing with technology. I have been encouraging our teachers to brag about (i.e. post to their blogs) all of the great things they are doing in the classroom. The classrooms and halls of WGS are looking awesome and the photo ops are just waiting.
So, the conclusion of the matter, WGS Tech Gal has her blogging juices flowing now...More posts, coming soon.  

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