Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WGS Lab - Sunny Side Up

Technology? We’ve got that!
 Computers?  Check!  *   Projector?  Check!  *   iPads?  Check!
Kids eager to use technology?  Check!  Check!  Check!
The only thing lacking in our lab?  Visual interest and a fresh coat of paint, but not anymore.  Being the computer teacher, I decided to “Google” for Computer Lab ideas. I was able to find several ideas and products. We were able to purchase a rug printed with technology terms from Bytes and Grins. My personal favorite is a the QR code 24x24 inch decal. The code will take you straight to the school’s website using one of many QR code reader apps. QR codes are one of the latest and coolest things in world of technology. It's fun and functional with an interesting visual.
Sunny Walls and QR Code

Just a Little Personality
Tech Terms Rug

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