QR Codes on the Fast Track

ALL ABOARD!!! Don't be left behind. Infusing QR Codes into your classroom can be easier than you may think.

How? Just hold on to your ticket and I'll show you...

What You Will Need

1. QR Code Generator

There are several websites that offer the ability to generate QR codes. The one I like to use is on BeQRious.com. The basic steps to creating a QR code are:

  1. Copy and paste the website address (URL) into the box on step 1
  2. Select custom color
  3. Select the output file type and file size
  4. Click the "Download" button
Then a window will appear to give the option to open or save the file. Name the file and save it for later use.

Want to generate a QR Code for just about anything? Anything? Yes, your name and phone number, math problem, or  secret message... Try Kaywa (qrcode.kaywa.com)

2. QR Code App

Among the numerous QR code readers I use a modest and free app, i-nigma, by 3GVision.

* Addition Resources

A super guide for using QR Codes in the classroom can be found on Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything Blog post QR Codes in the Classroom. It is an all encompassing resource. Check it out.

Not sure about the whole QR code scene? Watch Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand podcast on the subject Episode 25.

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