Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mathseeds App - Free for a Few More Days!

I don't normally promote specific apps but I just have to share this one. The Mathseeds app, normally $7.99, is free until the end of the month (Jan 2015). It comes from the Reading Eggs folks. Reading Eggs is an online subscription (or apps) that teaches reading skills through engaging animated lessons. Mathseeds has a similar approach, teaching math problem solving skills. The FREE apps, Mathseeds Kindergarten, Mathseeds Grade 1 and Mathseeds Grade 2 are very engaging and our K-2 students love sharpening their skills using these apps.
There is currently a free parent trial of the online version of Mathseeds for ages 3-6. It is designed to teach at the students' level, starting with number concepts.
Check it out, download it now and pass it on!

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