Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Star Themed Computer Lab

Who is the STAR of computer lab? You are!!! That's the theme I set at the beginning of the school year and kids love it. This is how we create a STAR themed computer lab.
  • The computers are numbered with stars.
  • Desktops have a star backgound, created in publisher and saved as a jpeg.  PowerPoint slides can also be saved as jpegs.
  • In the Monitor Display Properties(right click on the desktop for properties) under the Screen Saver tab, select Marquee. There I set the Marquee to scroll "*** I'm the star of computer lab!!! ***".
  • We watch a PowerPoint titled "How to Be the Star of Computer Lab" which covers the basic rules of our environment
To complete the theme the Computer Lab door is covered with the American Flag look and stars reminding students of our does and don'ts. As the year goes on the stars can be changed to cover other technology topics, such as computer terms or Internet etiquette.


  1. Love your theme this year! The students have really enjoyed it, too. When 2nd graders were writing their scripts for the "How to Behave in the Library" podcast a few weeks ago, one student suggested "be a library star" and even remembered to give credit to the source citing your computer lab lesson. Oh, how sweet it is!