Tuesday, April 15, 2014

iPad Storage Solution

With our school achieving 1:1 student to iPad ratio we were faced with a new issue, secure storage. We needed to find an inexpensive way to store/charge our classroom sets of iPads. When I started researching I could find no inexpensive charging stations ($800 - the average rate), so this is what we came up with.
I decided on a rolling, locking file cabinet like this mobile file cabinet ($130). Luckily, our principal found someone at Central Office that had this type cabinet to give away so we didn't have to purchase them. We also bought surge protectors that had twelve swivel plugs, protector ($50). Someone then drilled a hole in the side to run the iPad cords through. Two surge protectors were mounted on the outside. We also bought protective cases for the iPads. We store/charge approx. 20 iPads per case. 
For about $250 we were able to adequately meet our need for secure iPad storage and charging. With iPads costing $500, this is a small investment.

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